My Wordpress site is down...

  • Answered is a web site that I created in Wordpress. It's been down for a couple of weeks now and I can't figure it out.

I contacted Inmotion and they said it's been hacked. Unfortunately I don't have a back up of the site other than a rudimentary one that I get from Wordpress every night the site was up.

Anyway, Inmotion suggested that I clean up the PHP files and gave me some instructions to clean up the top part of the PHP files as it was all gibberish. I'm not a PHP programer but started in on the clean-up to try and get things going. I did quite a number of PHP files using the editor in the CPanel but then thought I'd look at the same files in a website that I have that is working. It also has the same "Gibberish" at the beginning of the PHP files but this site works. I'm backing off from doing anything more before I really mess up this site - which I may already have done...

Any thoughts of what I should be doing at this point?
Hello, and sorry for the troubles you're having. You probably want to check out my guide for how to reinstall WordPress after a hack. As it seems like you might want to replace your hacked WordPress files with the default WordPress core files again. You seem to be having one PHP error after another with the current WordPress core files, so it seems like they could stand to be replaced with a copy of the original ones to make sure no problems were left after them initially being hacked. If you're still having any issues after reviewing that guide, please let us know. - Jacob