FTP Uploading / Downloading

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Dear sirs,

Since I've been by inmotion hosting, i always had problems with FTT /SFTP. SFTP never had worked. I have tryied all available FTP clients such FileZilla, Cyberduck, Forklift, etc. I have over tha year all available options. I have sent a lot of email to you, but no matter what I do, FTP just don't work as it should. Copying 2000 files from server to local or vise versa, it takes hours and hours and then it stops. There is just no posibility to copy a lot of files at once. I have to split the tranfers. I have lost hours and hours with FTP. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
Hello, If you are having issues with timeouts during long FTP sessions (which you should not normally) the bet bet is to compress the files you want to upload or download into a zip file . This can be done on the server via the cPanel or from your own computer with a free program like 7-Zip. This way you upload/download a single file, smaller in size than the total of all the individual files, and preserve the file structure so it can be extracted in the same format. Kindest Regards, Scott M