unable to delete folders

  • Answered
I am unable to delete unwanted folders or move folders to different folders and subfolders using Office 365 outlook. If I do move a folder from one place to another within seconds it returns to its original point of origin.
Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this problem?
Hello, Sorry for the problems with Outlook. It's very possible that you may need to be an administrator to remove your Outlook folders (depending on how it was setup for you). However, here is the documentation on using Outlook 365. Check it out and see if you're moving/deleting the folders as per Microsoft's instructions. Also, as per this note on Public Folders from Microsoft, folders cannot be deleted using the Outlook web application. If you continue to have the problem, provide us any error message or further details (such as the steps to duplicate the problem) and we can investigate the issue further. Regards, Arnel C.