Prestashop product attributes cut off.

  • Answered

The URL above is to one of my Prestashop product pages. Take a look at the attributes COLOR and SIZES:

In IE, the dropdown arrows are cut off.
In Chrome, everything looks fine.
In Firefox, SIZES are pushed down and to the left but the dropdown arrows are fine.

In Chrome, global.css LN 11. has zero for padding anyway.
I can't see what is causing this. At the very least I need to fix the dropdown arrows in IE. Please advise.
Hello Bruce,

Do you know what versions of the browsers you are using? The link you provided appears fine in all of those browsers when I test it. Another thing to consider is the resolution you are using on your monitor. Do you know what resolution you have it set to? This way I can test as closely to what you are seeing as I can to be able to assist.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M