Problems with PrestaShop Back End

  • Answered

I purchased the Buddie Prestashop Theme on June 23rd. Since then I have discovered some problems with this theme as follows:

1. It is common to use the CMS Block for footer links. This developer has apparently disabled this module in his code. Instead the developer used a Static Block module and manually placed links in the content area.
Why would he do that?

Note: The CMS Block module is installed>configured>and enabled but has no effect at all on the footer or anything else.

2. Now I find out that the Preferences>Images area is apparently disabled as well. No changes I make on there have any effect.

Look at the following link:

Note the extended height of the main product image and the super small size of the thumbnails. No change I make within Preferences>Images has any effect at all.

How can I use a theme with the back end not working? I have contacted the developer, not much luck.


Hello Bruce,

Sorry to hear about the theme problems. I know that they made some changes in the 1.5 version along its lifespan. I am unsure if any would affect a theme that was maybe made earlier in that time.

As for why a developer would disable certain things, I cannot say. It is much like questioning the contents of another chef's recipe, they have their reasons. Maybe it was unintentional and they have a patch or fix. The themes should work well with the core files in order to be fully functional.

Please let us know if the developer gives you any news that we can work with you on to help get the site working better.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M