my prestashop image upload is timing out.

  • Answered
I have extended the memory to 2048, and still it is timing out. I am trying to load 70,000 images in a csv file, but also when i break it down to just 1500 images per file it still times out. How can this be avoided, my client needs the site operational tommorow. I think it is the way smarty templates is interacting with it. How can I get this done
Hello, Are you getting a specific error from PrestaShop, or is PHP literally saying Script timed out? If you are having an issue with a PHP script timing out it's usually not just a problem with the memory limit. More than likely you'll want to break your CSVs up into smaller chunks to avoid problems, but you would also want to try raising the values of these php.ini settings: max_execution_time max_input_time post_max_size upload_max_filesize Please let us know what seems to be the largest batch of CSV image imports you're able to do at once when adjusting these values to be higher. - Jacob