I cannot access my wp-admin page

  • Answered

I did install the Wordpress with the Softaculous application, all the installation went fine and it gives me the message the soft has been successfully installed onto my website (http://innolink.fr), and admin URL of http://innolink.fr/wp-admin. But when going to that address it always says Not Found (404 not found).

did I miss something?

Hello, Unfortunately because that website isn't hosted with us we can't really see what might be going on with your WordPress install. It looks like your main website appears blank, and when looking at the source of the page by hitting Ctrl-U I can see that it's trying to load content from the domain courtesy.amen.fr which is also blank. You might want to review your account files, especially looking at your .htaccess file for any kind of redirects. You might benefit from either our clean up a .htaccess hack guide or the one we have on how to reinstall WordPress after a hack, as it seems like something might have been injected into your website. - Jacob