I would check an update error on my server

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As the conversation with the attendant low Malcom, I would ask you to check my problem please.

09:06:33 AM [Gustavo]
EMAIL: [email protected]
DOMAIN: lojasepia.com.br
09:06:38 AM [Malcom M] Hello Gustavo, my name is Malcom M, thanks for contacting us!
09:06:44 AM [Malcom M] Please give me 2-5 minutes to access your account.
09:06:59 AM [Gustavo] ok
09:07:42 AM [Malcom M] Thank you Gustavo. And how can we help you today?
09:08:22 AM [Gustavo] you can check if my server is updating my changes correctly?
Cause I'm making some changes in backoficce and will not appear on the site
09:09:13 AM [Malcom M] And what changes is it that you are not seeeing? When I go to lojasepia.com.br it appears to show a coming soon page in a language that I am not familiar with.
09:10:18 AM [Gustavo] is that the language you use is the Portuguese - Brazil
09:11:47 AM [Malcom M] No, the language that we use is English. What are the changes that you are not showing for your domain?
09:13:39 AM [Gustavo] in my registration for delivery in esndereço not appear the option of the customer select the state, when I change this setting in backoficce it does not change the site
09:14:10 AM [Gustavo] I need to change the language of my site?
09:14:21 AM [Malcom M] And if you clear the cache of your browser and then try and view the site are you able to see the change?
09:14:54 AM [Gustavo] just a moment I'll try
09:16:44 AM [Malcom M] Not a problem.
09:17:17 AM [Gustavo] Really not appear to change even after clearing the cache
09:17:48 AM [Malcom M] And what steps would I need to take to reproduce the issue?
09:19:46 AM [Gustavo] need to make a purchase on the site ... when you enter the shipping address do not appear on the option of the state and will not be able to finalize
09:21:30 AM [Malcom M] Whe I go to lojasepia.com.br I am still showing the "Sepia" message. Is that the domain that you are referencing?
09:22:33 AM [Gustavo] I just installed the module you the option to select the English language and did not appear on the site
09:23:38 AM [Gustavo] try now ... the site was in maintenance mode
09:23:52 AM [Malcom M] Will be just 2-10 minutes to research the issue.
09:27:24 AM [Malcom M] Thank you. Can you provide me with a link to a product that I can order? Everyone I select is not allowing me to do so.
09:28:25 AM [Gustavo] http://lojasepia.com.br/br/home/195-sandalia-anabela-sepia.html
09:29:15 AM [Gustavo] I think this sale not released to other countries .. just a moment that will change
09:32:06 AM [Gustavo] can try again?
09:32:19 AM [Malcom M] Please give me 2-10 minutes to do so.
09:38:40 AM [Malcom M] Thanks. And do you have an account that I can use so that I do not have to go through the account creation process?
09:39:00 AM [Gustavo] [email protected]
09:39:03 AM [Gustavo] xxxxxxxxx
09:39:56 AM [Malcom M] Will be just 2-10 more minutes.
09:45:41 AM [Malcom M] Thank you. I do see the issue that are you are showing regarding the State in the listing. This would be an issue that our Customer Community Team can assist you with. The Customer Community Team is an extension of our Support Department whose duties include: creating Support Center articles, responding to questions posted in our forum, and much more. They have more time and flexibility to research and answer questions that are not within the scope of standard support, and they even have partnerships with developers of popular software, such as Concrete5 and Prestashop. Any questions that the team receives during normal business hours have a guaranteed response time of 60 minutes or less! If you would like to post a question to the Customer Community Team, please visit the following page: https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/community-support/ask-a-question
First, as this is a public forum, please avoid placing email addresses and passwords here as it can cause your account to be compromised or the email address to receive large amounts of spam from bots that may be searching this site. I have since removed the email addresses and passwords that have been listed.

I am unsure of exactly what you need done. Could you further explain the exact issue here?

Also, as I do not understand Portuguese, it would help if you could place the site in English so that I have a better understanding of what is going on.