Changing URL to something upstream

  • Answered
I've got a Koken site set up, which I created by FTPing the Koken install file up via FileZilla.

The URL is "Ed" is the name of my FTP account.

How can I change the location to remove the "Ed"? When I move the folder up the site doesn't respond.

If I were to upload the Koken install file via the Cpanel file manager would I have been able to install it in a directory under the root?

Hello Ed, Thanks for the question. When you installed Koken, it appears that you specified a directory name for the installation. Probably during the extraction of the installation files. This became part of the URL path. We have instructions on the installation of Koken. You simply need to make sure that the index file is in the PUBLIC_HTML folder (this is the default host directory for an InMotion Hosting account). Since you've just started, I would recommend starting the install again and follow the sequence provided in the tutorial. Kindest regards, Arnel C.