Using Prestashop and have a question regarding Attributes/Values

rgwhitaker 6 years ago in Ecommerce / Prestashop 15 0
I'm using Prestashop version and am hoping that someone at InMotion Hosting can assist me.

I'm in the process of beginning to add products to my database and am needing to create a Combination.

I first created some Attributes and Values (Catalog > Attributes and Values).

I create the Attributes and Values that I want and set them to be displayed as radio buttons. I also set colors the item and have those set to Color.

I then created the Combinations for the Attributes and Values I created:

1. Catalog > Products
2. Select the product from the list
3. Then from the side menu, select Combinations

After completing the Combinations, I go to my site to look at that product, and all the Combinations are appearing as drop-down lists, not radio buttons like I selected when creating the Attributes and Values.

Any idea why this is happening?
Hello RGWhitaker, Thanks for the question. The behavior you're seeing is typically the result of a theme issue. The default theme should be working (it's been reported here), but if you're using a custom theme, then you will need to contact the author of that theme and ask for assistance. They may be using non-standard code that is causing that particular feature to not work properly. If you're not using the default theme, try it and you should see those radial buttons work properly. Apologies that we can't give you a direct answer, but at present (as per the PrestaShop forums), this may be an issue that only the theme author can directly address. If you're having a problem with the default theme, then please reply to your support ticket with the information for us to login and look at the site (don't do it on this website as these posts are public). Kindest regards, Arnel C.