What happens is the test tool fails?

  • Answered
I ran the test link against my site and it fails. Now what?
Hello C2TWebmaster, and thanks for your question. When using the temporary URL for your website. If you are trying to access a WordPress website, you will need to either change your WordPress URL with the wp-config.php file, or you could modify your hosts file to force your computer to resolve your domain directly to our server. If modifying your wp-config.php file, it would need to include the temporary URL to your WordPress site, like this:
If modifying your hosts file then you would temporarily point your domain at the IP address of your site on your server:    example.com    www.example.com
After your update your domain's name servers to resolve your domain to your server for the rest of the internet, then you can remove the additions you've made to either the wp-config.php file or your hosts file. I would recommend modifying your hosts file if you're going to be doing an extensive development of your site without your domain pointing at your server. That way when things are ready to go live, you don't need to go back and modify anything on the server-side to get WordPress properly functioning again using the domain name. Please let us know if you're still having any issues at all getting it working. - Jacob