Minic slider update moved slider on homepage

  • Answered
I recently installed an updated version of the minic slider to my homepage and now it is under the feature modules instead of above it. My website is Also, when I add links to each of the slider images, they all go to the last link added instead of the different link addresses (the reason I wanted to install the update, to see if it fixed this) Please help me move the slider to the top of my homepage!!
Helloy lindsaymatoy, and thanks for the question. If you're having issues with the positioning of a PrestaShop module, you should be able to login to the PrestaShop dashboard, then navigate to Modules > Positions from the top menu. You should be able to rearrange the Minic slider towards the top of your page using this section. In regards to all of your slides seemingly linking to the same place, taking a look in your PrestaShop database at the minic_slider table, I do see that there a 3 unique URLs setup between your 4 images. So not sure why it wouldn't be rotating in the unique URLs as well with the images. I can see by taking a look at the source code of your page in my web-browser (Ctrl-U) that you do in fact have all of the links on the page directly under this line in the code:
<div id="slider" class="nivoSlider" style="display:inline-block;">
It seems, each of those links has the CSS property of:
visibility: hidden;
So it would seem like something is happening, which isn't allowing those properties to shift over to being displayed, so that the links also become active. You might wish to submit an issue to the Minicslider developer for additional help with these issues. It also looks like in the GitHub readme for the module mentions something possibly about your positioning issues: If you want to use in the TOP POSITION than the module has to be the last in that position, by default will be the last, just remember if you install a new module don't forget to change the position. Also by default the module will be visible on all of the pages (if TOP position is used), you can fix this with the option (Home only) or with the exceptions on the module transplant page. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all. - Jacob