login attempt failed when logging into webmail

  • Answered
For the past few hours, I have been unable to log into my webmail.

I was logged in and left it logged in, as I normally do, while I did other work. When I returned to it, I had been logged out, and any attempt to log in resulted in the message "Login Attempt Failed!" This has been going on for 2 or 3 hours now.
Hello, and thanks for the question. Sorry to hear about this webmail login problem you've encountered. I took a look on the server at the mail logs, and saw successful login requests but then they stopped like you mentioned. When you login to webmail, and get the Login Attempt Failed! error, this typically indicates a problem with the email address or password entered for the account you're trying to access webmail for. Or you're possibly having a problem with the cPanel security tokens. If you notice a string like cpsess8185580286 in the address bar of your web-browser after being logged out. Try going ahead and logging back in from a fresh instance of /webmail from your website, so that you get a new session that matches your security token. Can you login to the account with a mail client outside of webmail? You possibly might want to change your email password just to ensure you are entering the correct password credentials as well. Please let us know if you're still having any issues, or if you have any further questions at all. - Jacob