Cannot publish. The site cannot be published to the specified location.

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Please could you sent an email explaining how to fix this. Every time we update things on the website : we experience this problem.

Could you Fix this permanently?

Hello, and sorry for the issues you've been having. From the error you've posted, it sounds like you might be using the Premium Website Builder, and are trying to publish new changes you've made to the live website. When this error happens, it normally has to do with the password changing for your FTP access to the server. To fix this you'd want to login to your builder account and set your password in the publishing settings, to match your cPanel/FTP password. We have a guide on how to change the Premium Website Builder login password, that covers how to do this. To permanently fix this, you might want to think about creating an FTP account specifically for the Builder, then using that FTP account in your Builder publishing settings. This way if your main cPanel/FTP account password changes again, you won't have to go back in and sync them up again. Please let us know if you're still having any problem at all, or if you have any further questions! - Jacob
Hello, Thank you for your question today. The error message you are receiving: "The site cannot be published to the specified location. Cannot publish to the specified host via FTP. Authorization failed." means it is not able to log in with the username and password that is stored on the builder account. This is very common if you are using the cPanel user as the connecting FTP account to publish to the server. Every time you change the cPanel password you will also need to update the builder password. I have fixed this for you by giving the builder its own FTP username and password. This will not be affected by any future cPanel password changes. You can now log into the builder and publish without receiving the error. Kindest Regards, Scott M