Is this hosting right for me?

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Is this the Hosting Sight for Me?
I am interested in opening an online store front but I am not quite sure of what I need or how to go about setting one up. I have developed some questions and hope you can supply me with answers that will aid in my decision for a hosting site as well as features my storefront will require.
I’m looking for a hosting site where I can display photos and describe at least 40 kitchen and bath products (towels, sheets, tableware, pottery…).
I need my site to be able to take secure credit card payments and have the ability to take other payment forms, as well as calculate taxes and shipping from international locations.
I also need to be able to monitor my sales and purchases from my smart phone as well as allow customers to make purchase from their smart phones.
I need to have 24/7 customer support for my customers as well as for myself, via a real person, chat, and email.
How does your hosting service interact with social media sites and search engines? I see you can stay in touch with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube but how does this benefit me? Is it a marketing technique that shows my business?
I also need to be able to add or delete hosting features to improve my sites capabilities and appearance, so the site construction needs to be user friendly for me to personally make any changes.
I need to know the costs for these features.
What other features should I be aware of when designing my site.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Allen Bell
[email protected]
Hello Allen, We provide a hosting platform in which you can build your site, bowever, how you build your site as well as support your customers is solely up to how you want to do it. Our support is here 24/7 via ticket, chat, and phone to assist you along the way. As there are several ways to build a website, here are a few content management systems that can be used to deoply a shopping cart with ease: WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin OpenCart Prestashop As each of these solutions vary, I recommend trying each one to see what best works for you. Regarding your questions about social media, hosting would be independent of that and would not have any impact on your ability to use social media sites. Anything done on these other social media sites would be outside of hosting, so promoting your products via social media will be the same regardless of your hosting provider. The same goes for search engines, as what they index from your website is solely up to them.