Datepicker or equivelant and FormMail

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Hi all
Another small problem that I have. I have set up form mail and it is working a treat but in my
form I want to add a datepicker widget . On the webpage it works fine. It can be seen, it can be used but
when I submit the form the email that is sent to me has all the information in it except the dates.
What am I missing?
Can this not be done in a form to add a datepicker and send this in a form?

Thx for your answers in advance
To do so, you will need to modify your code on the page to pass the information along to FormMail. Your form will use a form action to pass information along to FormMail so you will need to modify your code to pass information defined within the date picker to be sent along to FormMail. Within your form, you would need to pass something like this:

<input type="hidden" name="date" value="Your date to be passed here" />

The easiest way to dynamically insert the date that is chosen would be to use PHP within the date picker widget to define the date as a PHP variable, then use that variable within the value in the form field. This would take some PHP knowledge but certainly can be done by you or your developer. You may also view more information on creating a form with FormMail at the following: Creating a Contact Form with FormMail