Server is slow in WHM and cPanel

  • Answered
I just migrated from HostGator and I'm noticing that it's taking on average 40 seconds to send emails with emails tied to my new VPS server. Also, when I'm logged into WHM or cPanel, it takes between 5 - 20 seconds just to navigate around. Like if I click, "Edit DNS Zone" in WHM, or "E-mail Authentication" in cPanel or anything, it takes a LONG time to load. I checked the server status and it's using 50% of it's memory and 0.2 of it's CPUs. What's going on with this? I had cPanel and WHM from HostGator and it was nothing like this. It responded at about the rate that any other website responded at. The websites tied to the server seem to load quickly, but the backend and the email are slow as molasses! I submitted a ping and trace route to support today but I'm not sure if I should post that in here.
Hello eubanksto, Sorry to hear that Server is slow in WHM and cPanel. Typically if your VPS isn't showing a lot of usage, and it seems to be responding slow, this could be due to network congestion between yourself and the location of the server. I took a look at your account notes, and don't see mention of a ping and traceroute test being supplied. You can publicly display that information here as well, as it shouldn't contain and private information if you remove your domain name from it. This can help us determine if possibly it's your connection to the data center where you VPS is hosted that is causing the issue. I see that currently your VPS is housed in our West Coast data center in Los Angeles, CA, if you live on the East Coast this could be introducing the extra latency you're experiencing. You can read more about our max speed zones and at the bottom of that page also test your file download speed from the two data centers. If you're getting a faster download from the East Coast, then I'd recommend that you submit a ticket and have our system administration team move your VPS to that coast for you. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob