Upgrade account to reseller account

  • Answered
I've recently bought an account from you for one of my clients, but I've changed my mind now and I want to make it a Reseller account to manage more client's sites.
Can I convert my account to a reseller one ?
If No, and I've to create a brand new reseller account, can I transfer my recently bought client account to be under my (to be created) new reseller account ?
Hope my question is clear
Thanks :)
You may indeed change your account to a reseller account at any time via the same method that you would any other upgrade. As reseller accounts are on a different server, it would require a server move, but our systems team will move your information as seamlessly as possible. For instructions on upgrading your account to a reseller account, you may review the following instructions: How to Upgrade or Downgrade your Hosting Plan