Wordpress - email - Inmotion restrictions on php email?

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below is the help for Fast Secure Contact Form Settings, wordpress plugin but they are referring to SERVER restrictions. the FSCF author answered me in their forum and said "yes" the below is true. but I don’t use domain based email, so I haven’t created any on Inmotion. The form seems to be working now. Is Inmotion in the list below with Godaddy? i have an attachment screen capture jpg to show you. can't attach?

Server email address the messages are sent from. Some web hosts do not allow PHP to send email unless the Return-path email address is set. It must be set to a real email address on your site domain, or mail will NOT SEND! (They do this to help prevent spam.) If your form does not send any email, enter your site email address, then test the form again. This setting is required by Dreamhost, GoDaddy, many others, and is also recommended for gmail users to prevent email from going to spam folder.
Enter just an email: [email protected]
Or enter name and email: webmaster,[email protected]
For best results the "Email To" and the "Return-path address" should be separate email addresses on the SAME DOMAIN as your web site.
Hello TheBoatPeople, If you are using PHPMAIL in order to send emails, then it will typically use the account user name and server name as the sending address. For example, [email protected]_name.com. However, if you are using SMTP settings to send the email then it would require a valid email account for authentication. We have an article on how PHPmailer works here if you want to compare. The WordPress plugins generally give you the option. However, if you're using SMTP (meaning that you're using a domain email account), then it should still work, but will use your account user name in order to identify the email sender. The answer to your question is no - the email would still go out, but use the user name on the account as the sender. You would need to provide a link for screenshots if you want use them on the posts in the Support center. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.