How to enable php imap extension?

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I've found in cpanel where I can install the pear Imap extension, which it has placed under /home/<user>/php, and I've created a unique php.ini in the subdirectory of the application that is looking for it, and set up the "include_path" statement I found on-line that suggests how to proceed, but I still can't see the extension as installed by the application, and phpinfo.php does not show it either.  Can someone provide a little more guidance? I would be very grateful.


Arnel C
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Thanks for the question of enabling the PHP IMAP extension. As long as you are on a VPS or dedicated system with root access, then you should be able to install it.  However, you may also need to hide existing libraries to prevent conflicts.  Check out cPanel's documentation for further information. If you need further assistance, then we recommend submitting a support ticket with our live support team.

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