(URGENT) My Account Was Suspend 24 Hours Ago!

  • Answered
My Account Was Suspend 24 Hours Ago! NewsDuet.Com (Primary Domain - Smugget.Com)

I Have Contacted Several Times Throughout The Day. They Are Not Replying The Email Nor Telling From Live Chat.

I Am Fed Up From The Inmotionhosting! VERY BAD EXPERIENCE!

Hello udayabirdi, and thank you for your question. Sorry for the account suspension and problems with your account. Unfortunately I can not pull up your account in our internal system at this moment to look at your notes, but I do see the account is no longer suspended on the server at this time. Taking a look at your account's resource usage from within cPanel you can see that on 10/10/2013 your account's usage spiked really high, and then the next day even higher. Looking at your websites access logs it looks like this was primarily caused by a large volume of traffic from one particular IP address from Israel. This IP appeared to continually hit a URL (11,687) times, that ended in /blogs/485/1259/buy-ambien-online. So it would appear that someone had either hacked, or attempted to hack your website to put up spam advertisements. I would double-check to ensure you have a CAPTCHA or some method of limiting user sign-ups to humans, so that spam posts are not created on your site. It also looks like you have a WordPress website that doesn't have caching on it, I'd recommend reading our guide on optimizing WordPress and specifically at least install a WordPress caching plugin like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache to cut down on duplicate database requests which can use a lot of resources. I went ahead and blocked the malicious IP address that was slamming your one website via a .htaccess rule, if you needed to block any others you could check out my guide on how to block unwanted users from your website using .htaccess. Your resource usage appears to be down today, so that should hopefully be enough to avoid any further suspensions of your account due to high usage. Please let us know if you had any further questions. - Jacob