PHP Version for software in Softaculous

  • Answered
I'm trying to install some applications by Softaculous, but I can not. It shows me an error.

"Required PHP version less than 5.3 AND found version is : 5.3.27"

I changed the version of PHP for less from cPanel. But the result did not change, still shows the same error.

I changed the PHP version of the site and the folder with the ".htaccess" file, but I get the same error.

What can I do?
Hello delwark. Thanks for posting your comment. Softaculous will not adhere to locally set PHP versions (like in the .htaccess of the subdomain's directory). Softaculous finds the server's default PHP version and uses that. If you do not want to change this setting server-wide you will not be able to install Open Journal System with Softaculous. However, you should be able to download it here. Then you can open the "readme" file and follow the manual installation instructions. I hope this helps!
Hello diamondwaycali, and thanks for the question. Can you please let us know what software you're attempting to install in Softaculous. If it requires less than PHP version 5.3 then typically changing your account's PHP version down to PHP 5.2 should allow it to work. - Jacob