Default server page shows when domain type set to parked domain

  • Answered
my domain is
I have added domain as a parked domain
I have pointed to on Dotster a week ago
When I ping it resolves to (my ip address)
In several browser and computers i get server not found
Using in a browser I get the default server page
I have a index.html in the web root
What else do I do to get my index.html to show.
Hello Dan, Thanks for the question and sorry for the problem with the parked domain. The issue actually has to do with that domain type. A parked domain is a re-direct, meaning it's not meant to display its own display page, but another location. If you're actually trying to display a web page, then it should be set to an add-on domain or subdomain . Currently, the IP ( is pointed to the server, so since you assigned a parked domain to it, the server is basically trying to re-direct to that IP and show a web page which does not exist. This is why the server page is showing. If you want to show a web page, then you would create a subdomain/add-on domain and then add the index page to the files for that subdomain/add-on domain. The server then will know to look for the files and display them.