How can we get Wordpress dashboard access from you?

  • Answered
Our web developer isn't able to start a job without it.
Just a suggestion, if you do not have the username/password of the dashboard login, you can reset the password for admin account through PHPMyAdmin. Login to your website's cpanel by typing and then user the CPanel credentials to login. Go to the Databases section and click PHPMyAdmin .. there you can select the database and then click on Users on left. In the table, you can change the admin account's password. Of course, you will need someone who knows this stuff or you may end up messing up your Wordpress database. Be careful :)
Hello Swipes, Thanks for your question! WordPress usually gives you the URL to access your Admin dashboard. There should be no need to ask the hosting service for it. Please review this tutorial on Logging into the WordPress Dashboard. Also, I can't really give you specifics since your Support Center login has no associated hosting account. So, if you want us to email you separately, please provide a primary domain name for an account associated with our hosting service. If you were asking the question more in regards to "Do we give WordPress Dashboard Administrator access?" We can host WordPress on our server here with no problem. The installation automatically gives you access to Admin dashboard to manage and customize the website. I hope that helps to clear up the question! Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.