How long do I have to wait before my websites are online again ?

  • Answered
I received this message by mail :
"System administration was forced to suspend your site in an emergency to prevent server and system overloads. We should have more information forthcoming and will attempt to reach out to you shortly."------------
I was working on my website, changing some pages. I am surprised that the server was overloaded. This is probably not due to my activity. And I did not have more visitors than other days, according to my stats.----------- So, I don't understand... Could you explain me ?
Hello Diderhenry, I'm sorry to hear that your account was suspended. The problem may NOT be your visitors but how much resources your overall account is using. Checkout our article on Account Suspensions. It explains all the possible issues. Look at your suspension message and it should tell you the specific cause. Additionally, please respond to the message. You can either call in or respond to the email. If you work with the systems team on the issue, they can help shorten the time that your account is offline. Apologies that I can't help you directly through community support. Please contact our systems team and they will help to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Kindest regards, Arnel C.