HTTP error in Wordpress

  • Answered
I successfully loaded one 52 KB PDF file in Wordpress. When I tried to load another 54 KB PDF file, I got "100% upload: but also a "HTTP error" message that prevented me from inserting it in my post. I'm using WordPress 3.4 with a Twenty Eleven Child Theme that I don't want to lose.
Hello Pheckman, Sorry for the problem and we also appreciate your reply stating the problem. Unfortunately, error reporting is handled differently by different organizations. WordPress is basically free, where as most anything you get from Adobe requires payment. A lot of professionals in the industry utilize Adobe software, and they've also been around for a very long time, so they probably have a better system for handling this type of thing. As a hosting company we are not part of the programming team for Wordpress but we do try to support them as much as we can. If you are interested in making the WordPress interface better for things like this type error, feel free to go to their WordPress UI forum on the main website. They welcome your comments there and they are the ones who can make the changes. One last note - you mentioned working in WordPress 3.4. Hopefully you have not been hit by a hack, but you are definitely at risk if you continue to not update your WordPress version and your theme. WordPress has stated that there are security issues with that version, so NOT taking action may result in your site possibly being hacked. Update your Wordpress version from the admin dashboard when you can, please. I hope helps to clear up the issue. Please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.