How to show a category listing in PrestaShop sidebar?

  • Answered
My question is in Presta shop my site has a home drop-down and this is also where my product categories are is there a way I can put/product categories so people know where my categories are right now they do not know or is there a way to put them down the
Hi johndell, Based upon your email address I looked up your account and then found your website, which is eve************* (some characters hidden for privacy) correct? Looking at your homepage, I do not see a sidebar. The only time I see a sidebar is when I am browsing your products, I see a sidebar that lists new things like "New Products". Default Template In the default theme of PrestaShop, it already includes a listing of products, both in the left sidebar and the footer. Categories Block The listing of categories within PrestaShop is handled by the "Categories Block". Within the standard PrestaShop theme, it is easy to change where this module shows up and where it doesn't. prestadesigner_electro_store It appears the theme you are running is prestadesigner_electro_store, and I'm not sure if it is designed to allow a categories block module in one of the sidebars. I couldn't find the homepage for this theme. If you can respond back with where you downloaded this theme, I'll try to look into this further and find a way to show the categories block in your right sidebar. Modules On a final note, this Categories Block that I'm referring to is a module within PrestaShop. If you wanted to review this a bit further, in your PrestaShop admin hover over "Modules" and then click "Modules". On the next page, you'll see the Categories Block. Thanks, - Brad