Too complicated

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My Craigslist acct was blocked. You say because compromised. Your instructions for gearing it back are way too complicated for me. Is not there an easier way?
Hello Cari888, and thanks for your question. We don't manage Craigslist, so if your account has been blocked by them you'd want to directly contact them. You also might want to pay extra attention if you received an email claiming it's from and that your account was compromised. It looks like there are some common phishing scams that happen this way. You can refer to Craigslist official phishing help page that explains how to avoid these types of scams. One thing they seem to highlight as important is: Make sure to log in to your account only by navigating manually to I was unable to pull up any accounts with us at InMotion Hosting using your email address that this question was submitted under. So if you did have any questions directly related to our services please let us know! - Jacob