Unable to log in

  • Answered
I have been receiving the "WordPress Login Temporarily Disabled" notice when logging into my dashboard. When i actually get a sign in page, it does not recognize my username or password yet when i try to reset it, i never receive the link in my email. Any help would be appreciated.
Hello Mikepewtherer, I'm sorry about the logins with the WordPress issue. For further information on this security issue, please see WordPress Wp-login.php Brute Force Attack. Unfortunately, your Support Center login has no direct connection to an existing account and we would need to provide verification before we attempted to make a change like updating a password. Your best avenue of support to get this issue resolved immediately is to contact our live technical support team. The information to contact them is at the bottom of this page (under CURRENT CUSTOMERS), or you can click here for our contact page. They will ask you to verify the account before we can make any change. They verify with the last digits of the credit card on the account or the AMP password. If you require any further assistance, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.