406 for any URL with 'cookie' in it - breaks concrete5

  • Answered
I've put up the CMS concrete5, which I'm using to develop a new site for my client (collectivator.com) This install requires loading a file 'js.jquery.cookie.js', which fails with a 406 because it has the word 'cookie' in it. Checking https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/website-troubleshooting/406-error , it says if I need a specific rule changed I'll need to email you (I have SSH access and would prefer to use that if posible.) I don't want to disable mod_security. I just need to whitelist js.jquery.cookie.js files specifically. Thanks! josh
Thank you for your question jkoudys! You can restrict specific file from mod_security. Check out the article below on how. Find and disable specific ModSecurity rules Best Regards, James R