Has Inmotion disabled php mail function?

  • Answered
Just a few days ago, my Opencart installation stopped sending emails. I did not change anything in the setting.
Hello rjessc! Sorry for the trouble with your email function. I was able to make a test.php page in your public_html and verify the email function is working. I checked the DNS MX records for your domain and its correct also. We checked your email logs and did not find any problematic emails. We did see you have quite a few mod_security errors within your site. Its difficult to say if the mod_security is preventing the email function from being parsed or not with the information we have. You can try turning mod_security off temporarily in your Mod Sec Manager in cPanel to see if that remedies the problem. We would like to look further into this; however, because this is an Open forum, you will not want to pass personal information through this medium. If you could please contact support with the login information and steps to replicate the problem, we can check the Apache logs on the fly to see if anything is causing the site to break. Sorry for the trouble. Best Regards, James R