Internal server error 500 after making the site live

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Hi guys,

I'm the webmaster of the, i made the site on my own test server, but when i moved the site to the realtime server i was'nt able to upload any images anymore with jQuery axuploader.

I checked the error logs in cPanel, they give me an internal 500 error. I debugged with chrome, and the error occurs on this line: xhr.send(chunk);//send request of file

I also experimented with the permissions of the folders and scripts, without succes. Most of permissions are 755 or 644.

I hope you're able to read more detailled error logs and maybe help us to find the bug.


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How to fix internal server error 500

Is this problem something you can fix one's self or do technical staff have to do it?

Hello Landervs, Typically, when you see a 500 internal server error there are a few common causes. Review the article I have linked for more specific information. Since you are moving files from one server to another, the issue may be either a permissions or ownership problem. I have run a script on the issue to see if it will fix your permissions issues. Check it now and let us know if the problem continues. If you require further assistance, please let us know the exact steps for us to replicate issue and we will review it again on your site and server. Regards, Arnel C.