How Do I Fix "/bin/sh: command not found error" for My Cronjob?

  • Answered
I want a notification from server when a file is added inside public_html folder.

49 * * * * find /home/CPANELUSERNAME/public_html -mtime -1 \! -type d -ls
i have set this cron job as a solution.but

i get a error command is not found.
/bin/sh: 49: command not found i am getting everytime this error.....
Thank you for your question r[email protected]! Sorry to hear about the problem with the cron job error. If you have not already, please see the following links on how cron jobs work on our server. 301: How to run a cron job Intensive cron jobs or scheduled tasks It looks like when the command runs the system is seeing 49 as a command and not the time. You will want to check your cron tab to make sure it's set up correctly. Best Regards!