i increase max_input_vars : 5000 but not increase menu after 80 if i add menu so what i do???

rashmibawankule 7 years ago in Blogs and Content Management Systems / WordPress 0
Hello rashmibawankule, I am having a bit of trouble with your question as it is a bit vague. It seems, however, that you are using WordPress and running into a maximum number of 80 elements in a menu. I did some research on this particular issue and it seems the max_input_vars suggested fix is inadequate. I personally created a menu with 100 items and it displays fine with both default themes and 4 others I chose at random. I also changed he max_input_vars to 10, causing the Wordpress to throw an error as it exceeded that amount, but the 100 items still displayed in the menu every time. You may want to try switching to another theme and disabling all of your plugins to test this. If that works, then you will know it is one of those two things. Then try your preferred theme without the plugins. If it still works, it is one of the plugins that is causing an issue. Even though I am unable to locate the exact cause of the issue, it seems you can rule out the max_input_vars setting as the cause. EDIT: I did find that many people are having success by changing the following settings: suhosin.post.max_vars = 5000 suhosin.request.max_vars = 5000 It seems the default for many hosts is at around 200. I did not run across this in our testing environment because we do not use suhosin on our servers. Give that a try and see if it helps! Best Regards, Scott M