Wordpress site: How to switch from temp address to domain name

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Hi Support,

I've changed my A Record to point to my domain awaake.com; that's all working, see http://http://awaake.com/

Awaake.com now points to:

Here's the temp URL:

What are the steps to take to display the temp url data on awaake.com?

I tried to modifiy the wp-config.php file changing these to awaake.com:

Changed url to awaake.com but then I still get the inmotion overview page.

Any ideas what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!
Hello Martin, and thank you for your question. It looks like you were headed in the right direction with removing the temporary URL from your wp-config.php file. However the issue at hand appears to be that your domain name is using the following name servers:


These are currently resolving your domain name to the IP address which is a different shared IP address that belongs to the server ecbiz129 that your website is hosted on. What you'll need to do, is login to your domain Registrar where you registered your domain name and either update your name servers to point to ours, that way they'll respond back with the correct IP address where your website is pointed. Alternatively you could also transfer your domain name registration to InMotion Hosting. With both us and Yahoo being resellers of MelbourneIT, you would simply need to have Yahoo release the domain into our control. Lastly if you'd like, you could also login to your current domain Registrar, and update the IP address for the DNS A record for your domain name to instead point to the IP address You can always find your account's shared IP address by following the steps in our guide on how to find your shared IP address of your server in cPanel. If you're still having any further issues, or have any other questions at all, please let us know! - Jacob