Updating products from CSV in prestashop

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I have more then 1000 products in back office.
how do i update there prices from csv file?
You need a module to update prices using CSV file. We are the pioneers to develop the first module which allows to update prices using CSV file and one can give multiple prices to one product as well.
Hello ilan316,

To change prices on your products, you will want to first export your products to a csv file. After that, open the csv file in with a program such as OpenOffice, Exel, or even a text editor such as notepad++ that can save the .csv format. Make your changes in the file and resave it. Last, return to your Prestashop and go to Advanced Parameters -> CSV Import, and import your file.

When doing so, be sure to only import the ID, Name (as it is required), and price fields you changed. Also, above each field is a dropdown. Be sure that field matches the column you are attempting to import. Also, be sure to exempt the first row of data if it has column names in it.

Click the Import button at the top and it should work fine.

I will update this response later with a link to an article for this task as I am currently writing one based on your question.

Best Regards,
Scott M