need help locked out of wordpress admin page

  • Answered
apparently I must have installed a captcha plugin that has a 2 action login feature where you copy the captcha then it sends you a code via email and you use that to login,that's ok if you're a vistor to the site problem is Im now locked out of my admin panel when I do it it sends me to my website as if I was a visitor if I ever get in there i'll have to delete this plugin,when I installed it I had no idea it had this function, can you help?
Thank you for your question bboy58! If you know the name of the WordPress plugin, you can disable it by renaming the folder in the plugins directory. Follow the steps below. 1. Log into your cPanel. 2. Go to your File manager. 3. Select your directory for your WordPress and click Go. 4. Go to the /wp-content/plugins folder. 5. Find the troublesome plugin and rename the folder. 6. Try logging into your WordPress. If you need any help our tech support will be able to get into your account and fix it. Unfortunately, this is a public forum and we will not post your private information here. Best Regards, James R