TXT file gone.

  • Answered
I have my domain registered here and my hosting and email at godaddy. While trying to point my blogger to my domain, the txt file was changed and my site is now down. How do I get my txt file back? that is the only change that was made so I can't find any other reason for the site to be down.
Thank you for your question peacedja! Sorry for the trouble with your TXT record. We checked your DNS for your domain and the domain nameservers are pointing to godaddy. The DNS is also pointing to Godaddy for your website and email. If you lost any DNS records it is because at Godaddy's end they were lost or pointed elsewhere. If you want to manage the DNS on our end you will need to point the nameservers to ours and then you can change the email MX records and add TXT records accordingly. If you want to keep the DNS pointing to Godaddy, you will need to contact them to change the DNS records. Sorry for the trouble Best Regards, James R