need help with remote access keys.

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all the information i have seen on using remote access keys has you generate the key on your local machine and copy it to the remote server.


inmotion hosting provides you a key via WHM console and i'm not sure where to place the information on my local server. I want to set this up on my ubuntu server.
Thank you for your question martyb! If you are generating an SSH key, then you can generate an RSA SSH key public/private pair. The SSH key pair can be generated in WHM, which writes the 2 files in the user's ~/.ssh/ directory. You then place the private key, from that directory, on the client computer and the public key on the server in the user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. For generating a WHM access hash, you will need to login into WHM as root and go to Remote Access Hash. It is displayed there. You can click to generate a new one if needed. That hash is used to connect remotely to WHM. Best regards, James R