FileZilla Server Connection Error

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Connecting to Response: 220 FZ router and firewall tester ready USER FileZilla Response: 331 Give any password. PASS Response: 230 logged on. Checking for correct external IP address Retrieving external IP address from Checking for correct external IP address IP bcc-bhi-cfc-g Response: 200 OK PREP 1201 Response: 200 Using port 1201, data token 865714810 PORT 122,178,252,6,4,177 Response: 200 PORT command successful LIST Response: 150 opening data connection Response: 503 Failure of data connection. Server sent unexpected reply. Connection closed It was showing when I tried to configure in EDIT menu. Pls help me out. my email id is ************ Thank you.

Thank you for your question shenil!

If you haven't already, please see our Getting Started Guide: FTP for information on ftp. The configuration wizard is not needed to get your FileZilla to connect to your server. That test is testing your FileZilla software configuration, not your connection to your server with us.

We recommend leaving the default settings when setting up your connection to your server at InMotion. If you cannot get FileZilla to reset to its defaults you can always reinstall the program. As for the errors you received in the test you will need to check at FileZilla for any answers on it. Sorry for the trouble.

Best regards,
James R