Home user cannot see your server

  • Answered
I have a home user who works with our company who cannot access your IP from his ISP connection in maryland.

His IP is:

He contacted his ISP and they can't connect him. His router has no advanced configuration but none of the devices on his network can see this IP, but the rest of the internet is visible!

Could you try to PING him or investigate?

Hello Ernie, You will want to have the user do what is known as a ping and traceroute from their system. This gives a step by step report on their route and where any loss of connection would occur on the way from their computer to our servers. If they are willing to send that information to you, feel free to send it to us at [email protected] The instructions for the ping and traceroute are here: How to Run a Ping / Traceroute Best Regards, Scott M