Email Forwarding

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Hi Inmotion...I was wondering...if I forward an email box to another, will the email be stored in both the forwarded box and the original email box? Please respond to ******** as email accounts are not setup on Inmotion yet. Thank you! Dan DeMerchant Highpower Security Products LLC

Thank you for your question highpower!

Yes! both email accounts will receive the email be cause its forwarded as a copy. When the fist email is reached, the email is stored in that inbox. Then the server sends a copy to the forwarded email address. If you do not want both copies you can do one of the following.

Using POP or IMAP for at a third party like Google
If you want you email delivered to another email address like Google, you can set up the SMTP connection at Google instead of using a forwarder.

Changing DNS for a third party like Google APPs
If you want email routed to another provider and you want to use the email for your domain, you can point the MX records to a 3rd party like Google.

Otherwise, the forwarding in cPanel will make a copy and maintain the emails in both email accounts.

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James R