I have followed FTP directions and still can not get it to work . after importing the import Core FTP configuration settings and they do show up . all I get /<..> and ftpquato 4 . no files or directory??

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Arnel C
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Hello JudyArtist

Sorry for the issue with your FTP client.  The issue is most likely associated with the user you're using to login and the directory you're immediately viewing.  Here's what Core FTP has for their documentation:

Where do I enter FTP URLs?
There are three different places. They can be entered in the dropdrown control of the above the file list, and/or the 'Hostname / IP / URL' fields on the quick connect and in the site manager. Remember that all FTP URLs must start with 'ftp://' (ie: ftp://yoursite.com/path or ftp://user:[email protected])

By default, your website files are under the public_html folder, but your FTP url will not show that path if you're using the domain name.  You will be able to see ALL of the files only if you're using the cPanel user name and password.  If you created an FTP user then it will not be able to see the files in your site.  If you need further assistance to get it working, then I recommend that you speak with our live technical support team.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.