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Hi, what is wrong with this code? sending does not work..

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Hello mimoun, We can't tell what's wrong with your code because you've only included a small snippet. Taking a look at what you have included, it looks like you possibly have a PHP function called read, and you're passing the value of userid to it. My assumption would be that the section of PHP code prior to what you've included is possibly incorrect. I took a look through some of your files for mentions of read('userid'), and it seems there is also a variable called $userid getting defined with it like this: $userid = $session->read('userid'); If I had to take a guess, I'm assuming the line of code you provided might function with something simply like this instead of trying to use the read function again: <?php echo $userid ?> It's impossible to tell though without knowing what file you're looking at, and what section of that file. We unfortunately don't provide coding support typically, especially on software that we're unfamiliar with. So I'd recommend possibly contacting the developers of the software that you're using for further help, or reach out to the community of users that use that software. If you can get back to us with very detailed information such as what file you're having this issue with, and the line of code you suspect is problematic, we can take a look at it for you. But there is no gurantee that we'd be able to resolve these problems for you without knowing the inner workings of the application you're using. - Jacob