Uploading pictures onto a blog.

  • Answered
I tried uploading a picture, which was not much bigger than thumbnail size, but could not put this image onto the blog page.Have not found any reference to this action.Some advice would be great please.
Hello circumspect,

When you are in either a post or page editor, there is a small camera shaped icon above the icon menu. This is for adding an image. Clicking on that will enable you to select an image from various places, one of them being your local computer. After selecting the image from your computer, it will upload to your page/post. From there, click on the Update button on the right hand side and it should publish to your blog. The steps in order are:

1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.
2. Create/Edit a page/post.
3. Click the 'add media' icon (appears as a camera)
4. Select the image from your local computer.
5. Click on the Update/Publish button on the right.

Please let us know if you are still having issues. If so, please include the steps and any error messages that may occur along the way.

Best Regards,
Scott M