The best ecommerce for digital downloads

  • Answered
I am having trouble deciding which ecommerce plugin, shopping cart plugin to use for my Ebook store. I also am wondering of I should not go with wordpress and the plugins for a store.

If there is someone that has done this and could offer some guidance, I would very much appreciate all suggestions.
Thank you for your question sunny58! Unfortunately, we do not have a specific recommendation for ecommerce plugins for WordPress. Here is our Recommended Plugins for WordPress. Here are a few plugins you can use. WooCommerce Marketpress The CartPress WP e-Commerce If you want a light ecommerce site with more content, then WordPress should be fine for you. If you are wanting to have a larger ecommerce site, you will want to use something like Opencart or Prestashop, which can have digital downloads. Software like OpenCart or Prestashop are designed primarily for selling products. Here is more information on these. OpenCart Prestashop Unfortunately we do not have a step by step instruction in the ecommerce plugins for WordPress. Hope this helps. Best regards! James R