WordPress multisite questions

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I have 4 sites all using a separate WordPress installation, my main domain is www.mikeandshar.com , My Addon sites are www.hartfamilyhistory.com , www.cafinity.com , and www.rainsonfamilytree.com

I would like to use WordPress multisite and manage all from my main domain. Before I do this I have a couple of questions.

1. Will people now accessing my Addon sites have to enter a different url: for example to access hartfamilyhistory.com, will they now have to enter www.hartfamilyhistory.mikeandshar.com

2. Will the links in my current Addon sites need to be redirected?

3. What happens to the databases for my existing sites?

Thank you for your question MikeH ! We do have an article for WordPress MU at the following link. The WordPress Multisite us usually used for sites that need to create subdomains only the fly using a wildcard subdomain. Mulktisite uses one database and the urls would be subdomains. If using Multisite you would have to redirect the subdomains like you said. Using WordPress MU From the description of what you want to do, it appears you want to manage multiple WordPress sites through one Dashboard. This actually different than multisite. Please see the following links on managing multiple websites with one WordPress dashboard. There may be more software out there available, these are two popular ones. ManageWP or InfiniteWP These programs are designed to keep the url for the actual domain, for example www.hartfamilyhistory.com You can manage each install through one panel. No redirects will be needed and the databases would remain separate. Hope this helps, Regards James R