Add-on Domain on Root instead of public_html

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I successfully installed an Add-on domain. When I set it up, I forgot to specify public_html/ and it was set up on the root. It seems to be working fine but I'd like to know if it's going to cause problems down the road. If so, I want to fix it now. If I need to change it, is there a way to move it or do I have to delete it and set it up again?
Hello Zenzino,

By default the ADD-ON domain is already in that location (public_html/add-ondomain), so it should be okay. Root is defined (by default) as public_html. Addon domains are always added to it. So, by definition, it should be okay and you shouldn't have any problem.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.
Thank you for your question zenzino! The document root directory for Addon domains will be created in the public_html folder by default. This is also true for subdomains. You can Specify the document root directory to a different location; however, this is not critical. It really depends on how you want to manage your file directories. Having an addon domain in the public_html/ directory is perfectly normal and will not cause any problems in the future. If for whatever reason you do not want the default location, you will need to remove the addon domain and recreate it to point it to the directory you wish to build the site in. Unfortunately, the addon domain and subdomains will have to be removed and recreated to do this. To further add to this, If you don't want to have the addon domain folders mixed in with the main domain files/folders, the main domain document root can be changed so all your domains go to a subfolder. Please see the following link. How do I change the document root of my primary domain? Hope this helps. Best Regards James R