What dkim txt needed for GoDaddy.com DNS entry

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My email server is an vps server. Do I need to place dkim txt as a dns entry? GoDaddy holds my dns.
My understanding of dkim is I need to place a DNS txt entry.
See below explaination and answer.

2) Public key records:

An e-mail message signed with DomainKeys will include a header item "DomainKey-Signature" containing the cryptographic signature and a few other fields including a "selector" (s=) - for example:

DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1;
b=dydVyOfAKCdLXdJOc8G2q8LoXSlEniSbav+yuU4zGffruD00lszZVoG4ZHRNiYzR;For the receiving e-mail server to verify this signature, it must first obtain the public key for the selector value.
For above example, this is stored in a DNS TXT-record with the name "jersey._domainkey.example.com".
In other words, the name of this TXT-record is the selector (s=...) + ._domainkey. + the domain name.
The data of this TXT-record is in the format "k=rsa; p=MHww..." where value after p= is the public key.
Additional fields for granularity (g), test (t), and notes (n) may also be included (see specification for details).
Hello davidgelinas, Thank you for your question regarding DKIM entries. Here is a link to our detailed page explaining Domain keys. If you are hosting your email with godaddy and your domain is registered with us, we can help you setup the key provided by your email provider, or you can set this up in WHM. If you need assistance we can help via chat or email, since we require this type of request in a written form. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul