Considering upgrading from Power plan to VPS. Will I lose any features from this upgrade?

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Will I lose any features from this upgrade? I cannot find a side-by-side comparison. Example concerns might be like... Will I still have 50 MYSQL accounts, etc?

Also, are there any additional costs if I add customers to this account that will have their own cpanel?

My plan is to add customers to this plan (like a reseller) and I want to account for any expenses that may not be on my radar.
Hello Mark3000, There are a couple of features that you will lose when upgrading to a VPS. The first is the unlimited space and bandwidth. As you will be getting dedicated resources, you will have specific allotments of hard drive space and bandwidth usage per month. Just how much is based on the different plans. The other thing you will lose will be the Fantastico tool. That is an optional feature on the VPS/Dedicated servers and can be added for $5 per month, or $50 per year. You do gain a lot more, however, by upgrading. Dedicated resources means faster processing. You will be able to add unlimited cpanels (no additional cost for those). For administration you will gain SSH (shell) access and the ability to use the Web Host Manager (WHM) tool. Root access is also a free option should you decide you need that. Asking us about a VPS is a great start. You can also read about how to get a VPS here. Best Regards, Scott M